Thursday, 18 October 2018

Roll a Story

In Room 25 we have been learning how to write narratives and what to include a narrative.
Miss Mills made up characters, settings and problems. We had to roll a die and what ever we rolled there would be a character, setting or a problems we would have to use for or story. This is what I got.

Character: Grumpy bear
Setting: At a magical castle
Problem: Found an unlucky penny

This is my story.

On a dark wet day at Grizzly castle Grumpy bear was in a deep sleep when he heard the most deafening sound in the world. Thunder.
All of a sudden he waved his feet around trying to kick his duvet of his warm fury body once he'ed managed to get the duvet off he ran outside to see what the noise was.
It was thunder and rain, he'ed forgotten his umbrella so he quickly huddled under Bearina's umbrella.

He watched the king and one of his knights talk about a lucky penny. The penny did the opposite of what the bear holding the penny wished for. Then one of the villagers shouted out "Say something bad and see what happens." so then he said "I wish, I was the poorest king in the universe, guess what happend, his gold necklace disappeared and and his cloths turned brown...

I will add a picture later.