Thursday, 16 August 2018

Quick Maths

This week is Maths week. Yesterday we learned about BODMAS. It taught us about the order that we use to solve problems with more than 1 operation (+,  -,  x and ÷).
Once we learned about BODMAS we did a challenge in groups. I was with Frankie and Marley, we got to choose our groups. I liked my group.
So in the challenge we got a booklet each with maths equations in it. We had to use the BODMAS technique to figure them out and then we had a runner (Marley) who brought the answers to Miss Mills. and guess what the best part was? We won!!!


  1. kia ora my name is Nadir and i am from Room 18 at Owairaka District School. I really liked your blog post about quick math i remember when I did something like this i am not really good at it but i see you your are good and you should check out my blog here it is thank you bye

  2. Hi Nadir.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog, Nadir,I really appreciate it.
    I like how you said you weren't very good at it I thought that was quite funny.
    I will definitely check out your blog.
    Blog you later

  3. Hi Digby, I just checked out your blog and I really like this post about quick maths.`What problems did you solve?
    This is the link to my blog
    Blog ya later